Recovery Process

Waste Collection

Our business model dictates that a maximum percentage of gypsum material bound for recycling is post-consumer. That is, material that is diverted from landfill from building renovations and new construction (off-cuts). In order to efficiently collect this material, NWGR utilizes existing transfer stations at key locations surrounding the recycling plant locations. In some instances, NWGR has built their own transfer stations in particular regions. Material brought to transfer stations is typically pre-sorted at that location prior to the gypsum wallboard material being transported via waste haulers to the recycling facility. Additionally, for construction sites and large project sites, wallboard-dedicated waste bins can be made available on-site and once full, transported directly to the recycling plant.

In some instances, NWGR has co-located their facility on a manufacturer’s site. This arrangement is ideal in that no material transport is required between the two facilities. Recycled gypsum is fed directly into the manufacturing process, while production waste is fed directly into the recycling process. If we are not co-located, NWGR haulers who deliver recycled gypsum material to the manufacturer can be loaded with the manufacturer’s production scrap for the return trip to the recycling plant. Efficient use of resources helps NWGR reduce their carbon footprint and streamlines plant processes.


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Recycling Facilities

Recycling Process