Our Commitment

It’s the Right Thing to Do…

landfillNWGR’s business model is to take in gypsum wallboard from all sources: manufacturers, construction and renovation sites. Our patented process and partnering arrangements ensure that:

  1. Our goal that no gypsum material ever ends up in a landfill is realized. We work with green building associations and governments to educate and bring awareness to the construction industry – landfill does not have to be a choice for gypsum.
  2. Wet and dry gypsum material can be processed at our plants. No one else in the world can process wet and dry gypsum as effectively and efficiently as we can.
  3. Gypsum material is returned to drywall manufacturers to be reintroduced into the drywall manufacturing process. Gypsum properties do not denigrate so materials can continue to be reprocessed over and over again. We call gypsum an infinite reuse material.
  4. Paper liner material is baled and reused or reprocessed. We work with various paper brokers to ensure that all of the liner material we separate from the gypsum is repurposed. 

What’s Next…

CopieWe have made significant investment at our flagship European facility, our Belgium plant. This plant is now a world-class, technologically-advanced facility that is the model for all of our next generation recovery operations. We are excited to be able to upgrade our existing plants while adding more facilities that will extend the reach of gypsum recycling opportunities.

Our Commitment…

As a business, our primary imperative is the reutilization of materials. The bottom line is we care about the environment and want to do our part to help make responsible decisions to positively affect where we live. We are relentless in our efforts to educate the public and private sectors about gypsum recycling. Today, we have capacity to recycle almost 1 million tonnes per year – and we challenge ourselves to grow that number. We will continue to invest in technology to gain process and quality efficiencies as well as cost reductions.

We ARE Gypsum Recycling.