Corporate History

The Catalyst

cropped-NWGRlogo1.jpgIn 1984 the very first landfill ban for gypsum wallboard waste was enacted. The Provincial Government of British Columbia wanted not only to reduce solid waste disposal in the province but was actively evaluating recyclable materials and seeking entrepreneurs with reprocessing capabilities. It was a natural fit for Tony and Gwen McCamley, owners of a company that was already in the construction waste hauling and demolition business.

New West Gypsum Recycling was born from a need to recover and recycle gypsum wallboard production scrap and construction waste – we are one of the first companies to return waste materials back into a valuable resource.

Now, three decades later, New West Gypsum Recycling continues to have the highest quality recycled gypsum material in the industry.

Corporate Overview

In an effort to ensure that no gypsum ever makes its way to a landfill, Tony and Gwen McCamley established New West Gypsum Recycling, Ltd. (NWGR) in 1985. Over time, a highly-efficient process was developed to pulverize the gypsum core and remove the backing paper, leaving the recycled gypsum ready for use. This process – now patented – is the cornerstone of nearly 5 million tonnes of gypsum material that NWGR has recycled to wallboard manufacturers. The recycled material is a consistent, quality blend of pre- and post-consumer gypsum material that is a readily available source for use in the manufacture of new drywall products.

Since 1990, NWGR has been expanding its processing capabilities. NWGR has developed methods of recycling the paper backing for re-use in many different applications. NWGR has streamlined their processes and business model and has expanded around the globe. Today, NWGR has well over 100 people employed at plants world-wide. NWGR is the most efficient gypsum recycler today – not only can we recycle dry gypsum, but we are experts at recycling wet gypsum.

Our goal is that no gypsum material ever ends up in a landfill. Since there is no product degradation during the recycling process, gypsum is an infinite re-use material. NWGR works with recycling associations, green building associations and governments to educate and bring awareness to industry stakeholders so that landfill does not have to be a choice for gypsum. The paper backing material is baled and re-used or repurposed, any post-consumer materials, like nails or screws, are culled from the gypsum recycling process and moved through separate recycling streams.

We ARE Gypsum Recycling.