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Shared Opportunity

NWGR has been recycling wallboard waste for almost 30 years – we have a tried and tested model that profitably works for our company and our wallboard manufacturing partners. To date, we have recycled 5M metric tonnes of gypsum material,

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Closed-Loop Solution

 The ideal solution for gypsum material is a closed-loop re-utilization of the material. That is, recycled material is returned to the wallboard manufacturer to re-enter the wallboard manufacturing process. NWGR offers a closed-loop sustainable solution that ensures gypsum is not

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All mining exacts a price on the environment and the economy, and the cost of mining gypsum and then transporting it via ship or rail to drywall manufacturing plants is considerable. Legislation in some jurisdictions mandates that sulphur dioxide be

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Under optimal conditions, gypsum wallboard is a relatively inert material. However, once it has been disposed of, under certain conditions it can become an environmental health concern. In the early 1980s, landfills in British Columbia were found to be producing

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Landfills pose health and cost problems for governments and organizations charged with the disposal of public and industrial waste. Waste drywall takes up a tremendous amount of space in landfills, reducing their lifespan. This is a significant problem in many jurisdictions

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